Secondry DNS with Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric based in the US provide a number of services to the internet. They are probably best known for Tunnel Broker however they also offer DNS hosting services. They do both primary (they host the DNS as the master) and slave zones. Sometimes known as backup DNS.
Hurricane Electric (HE) Logo

While hosting my own name server is great and gives me all the flexibility of the many DNS records often not provided by companies having it running only on Linode infrastructure is a single point of failure from a provider perspective (they are in different data centers). Having HE in the mix stops this and also makes for a good guide on how to setup slave DNS for any use case.

The process is really easy.

If you have not already done it add the following IP's to the allow-axfr-ips section of your PowerDNS configuration run:

nano /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf 

Find and add the ip's as shown below:


Restart PowerDNS.

service pdns restart

Next we need to add the PowerDNS servers to your zone by using the command

pdnsutil edit-zone 

and insert       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS       3600    IN      NS

finally issue

pdnsutil increase-serial
pdns_control notify

Add the domain to control panel using the "add a slave" option. Your master is your main server so if it was this is the address you would enter.

adding to HE

Press add slave

Wait and you should see it pull the zone in within a few mintues.